Welcome to Tezos.nu & Dune.nu! We bake your stake!                                    tezosDune
Want to delegate your Tezos XTZ to us? The address of our baker is:
Fee: 7%
We are currently open for new delegations. If you want to check our capacity, take a look at Tzstats or contact us.
Our current capacity is about 550.000 Tezos. We've got extra bonds to bring this up to around 800.000 Tezos.
If you want to delegate once our capacity is full or if you want to delegate a large amount, contact us so we can activate our extra bonds.
For now we have decided not to bake Dune. This because there was an incident reported with a teammember secretly selling funds. This might change in the future, but only if Dune prooves it's not causing any harm to Tezos or her community. We feel it's our responsibility to only bake if a project is trustworthy. For now, this isn't clear.

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