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Our commitments
With our service, you can delegate your Tezos (XTZ) tokens and let us do the work for you. 
Our goal is to make your Tezos tokens work for you so you can earn interest. Our service aims to be as safe and simple as possible. We use an automatic payout script, so your baking rewards will be delivered as soon as they are received, every cycle. Your stake will never be at any risk.
To make sure your rewards are as high as possible, we use a reliable internet connection with a backup internet connection, a VPN, a UPS (backup battery in case of power failure) and sophisticated hardware. 
We respect your privacy, so you don't have to register.
We'll listen to the voice of our community, which means we won't vote on any proposal without consulting our delegates.
Our fee for Tezos is 7%. We won't change this fee in your disadvantage and our aim is to keep the fees the same. If by any means it's necessary to higher the fees, we will inform you in time so you have time to switch to another baker. 
Still got any questions? Read our FAQ or contact us! 

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