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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why is your site so simple?
It's our philosophy to keep things as simple as possible. Hence, we decided to make a website without database since baking isn't about having a fancy website. Al our resources go into our hardware, security and a stable internet connection. A fancy website would mean asking a higher fee. Since we don't expect you to check out our website often, we've chosen to keep things as simple as possible. Ofcourse, that doesn't mean you can't contact us. We strive to answer all your questions withing 24 hours and we will be of help when you need our support.
We will transfer your earned rewards every cycle (one cycle = three days) to your address. Both the Tezos and Dune protocol are designed in a way that the baker uses the ratio of seven cycles back to get baking rights, another 5 cycles for the first rewards to be unfrozen.
Why didn't I receive my rewards? 
It takes 7 cycles before you start earning. Due to administrative reasons, payouts won't be done if you leave before 7 cycles are completed. When you delegate to us and switch, your remaining payouts will be done.
Our minimum for delegating is 100xtz.
We use an automatic payment system. If by any means your rewards don't seem to be correct, contact us within 5 cycles after the wrong payment. Aftter this period, we can't assure we can fix the problem and this is your risk. We expect an active control of our delegators. 
The reward structure of our bakeries is dynamic, which means that all delegators receive their rewards (minus fees) based on the current actual annual ROI of the protocol instead of a static reward.
Your rewards depend on your total stake that is delegated to us. Your total stake will be used to determine your ratio. Your stake is recalculated every cycle. Newly baked rewards will be automatically added to your delegation.  
Since you are delegating your coins, they'll never leave your wallet. You are just assigning the rights to Bake & Endorse. Your baker (Tezos.nu or Dune.nu) doesn't have the option to spend your coins.
Am I insured for missed rewards?
We have taken many measures to make sure our uptime is as high as possible. In case our baker goes down, you won't be insured for missed rewards. This basically isn't possible because of our low fees. Still, our fees are very competitive. Most bakers with the same fee don't have the same hardware and backup facilities as we do. 
Can I still delegate if you are overdelegated?
You can still delegate to us when we are overdelegated, but you won't receive any reward. As soon as a delegate leaves, you'll automatically take the open spot. First come, first served.
Will I be rewarded with extras?
In case extras are received, for example because we spotted double baking, the rewards will remain ours. Simply, because delegates don't play any role in this.
What's your stance on the Dune hardfork?
The Dune project isn't going anywhere, so we decided to stop baking on Dune.

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