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How to delegate
The easiest way to delegate your Tezos or Dune coins, is through Tezbox. 
In Tezos there are two types of accounts: the ones starting with TZ1 which hold the funds, and the ones starting with KT1 which are the originations (smart contracts) for delegation. You can only delegate with your KT1 accounts.
The same goes for Dune. Dune has both DN1 accounts, and KT1 accounts. With Dune, you need the KT1 account to delegate.
You can find a tutorial which works for Tezos by clicking here.
Delegating your DUN Dune coins almost works the same. First you'll have to claim your DUN. After that, you can use the same RCP node to delegate. Follow the instructions below, which are copied from the DUNE website.
I don't want to share my Tezos credentials with Dune wallet. Any workaround?
You can create a new Dune Network address and use Tezbox to move your $DUN coins to it with just few steps:
  • 1. Generate a fresh address (and private key) on Dune Network (for instance using Dune wallet);
  • 2. Go to Dunscan.io and paste the dn1 obtained from step 1 in the search bar, then hit Go;
  • 3. click on the TZ symbol in "Account Details" and copy the displayed tz address;
  • 4. Log in to your Tezbox wallet and restore your Tezos account using the credentials of your original address (provide the mnemomics, or the private key, or connect your ledger, depending on your situation);
  • 5. In your Tezbox account, go to settings (top right) and change the address of the RPC node to https://mainnet-node.dunscan.io. Once this change is made, Tezbox will show you a balance XXX XTZ on the main page, but they are actually $DUNs coins;
  • 6. In your Tezbox account, transfer your coins to the tz address you copied at step 3 (Tezbox doesn't understand dn addresses). Start by sending a small amount (eg. 1 UNIT) from Tezbox wallet to Dune wallet. Then, send back a small amount (eg. 0.5 DUN) from Dune wallet to Tezbox. If everything works as expected, you can transfer the rest of your coins from Tezbox to Dune wallet (ie. to the tz address you copied at step 3).
Once all these steps are done, you will have your XTZ and $DUN coins on two different addresses with two different private keys. You can now use Dune wallet without sharing your Tezos credentials.
You could now also use the delegate feature, which works exactly the same as the Tezos feature in Tezbox.
Don't forget to restore the settings of your Tezbox wallet at the end! Go back to Tezbox settings (top right) and put the original RPC node address: to https://mainnet.tezrpc.me.
Help me, things still aren't clear!
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