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Privacy statement
We won't register any personal details or contact details of our delegates. 
We don't have the option to register, so you stay anonymous. 
All our contact will go via e-mail. We don't accept phonenumbers, skype, etc.
If you send us an e-mail, directly or via our contact form, we'll receive your name and e-mailaddress. Feel free to use a free e-mailservice if you want to stay anonymous. You aren't obliged to fill in your real name.
We will only use your name and e-mailaddress to answer your questions. All e-mails will be deleted instantly after your questions are answered and our conversation ends. No records will be kept. If you mail us with your Tezos or Dune address, we won't keep a record of your mail connected to the delegate address.
If a conversation isn't ended but we won't get a response from you, we'll delete all the messages within two weeks after our last mail.
We won't ever share any personal details, like name and e-mailaddress, to others/third parties. 
If special arrangements are made, we will only register this arrangements with the according delegate TZ/KT or DN address. Since we use an automatic payout script, registering other information isn't necessary.

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